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The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life
Written by Peter Wickstrom on June 22 th 2018
Have you heard the advice, “Just to go out there and do it”. “Face your fears and go outside of your comfort zone”. I say this is absolute nonsense. And it is such a painful method. I’ll explain to you why.

I was a music nerd as a teenager. When me and some friends went to a nightclub I tried walking up to girls asking them to dance. I wore an orange blazer that my grandmother wanted to give away to charity but I decided to use, and my hair reached my shoulders. This was an odd scene. I didn’t even know the last time you asked someone to dance was about 100 years ago in this area. I was the wrong person in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. 
The girls looked terrified as I approached them or they completely ignored me. I still remember the face or one in particular who looked at me with pity in her eyes. 

I totally embarrassed myself and my friends continued to tell that story years afterwards. This was a result of JUST DO IT, GO OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

The truth is this is what many entrepreneurs try to do in networking, sales and important meetings. They have no idea what they do when talking to a customer on the phone. They might speak with a really insecure voice. They might walk into an important meeting wearing a 15 year old suit they wore at their graduation. Or they become so insecure and nervous in the meeting so they shake and can’t convey their message.

About a year ago I walked into a club with Sweden’s elite in the music industry. I talked to people for four hours and became friends with many of them on facebook afterwards. I met some of the most famous people in Sweden and I was totally comfortable talking to them. How did this shift happen? What was different now from when I was a teenager? How could I talk to these high value people, make an impression and become friends with them?

I really am a strong believer in the right preparation. This is where we introverts can use our natural strength of practice i solitude in order to master something first on their own. We can dream of who we want to become as a person and use our wild imagination to create future scenarios that hasn’t yet taken place, and become familiar with them before we enter the situation in real life. This is a totally painless method because it only uses your imagination and you don’t need to be that misplaced teenager in your grandmother’s blazer.

We can practice the situation beforehand so we are more prepared than any other person in the room. So when its time to act we do so automatically without even thinking about it. Once we start using this process we will start to be prepared for opportunity in life. We start to see new possibilities that we didn’t see before. We can succeed in our mind as many times we need in order for us to be totally certain and confident in a situation. We can prepare for an event and master the situation even though we haven’t been there in real life yet. This is an extremely powerful process and it will change who you are and what you are capable of.

Peter Wickstrom

Peter Wickstrom helps introverted entrepreneurs overcome their fears through a proven 6 week program. 
If you're interested in becoming confident so you can go out and get clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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