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How to Win Over Your Fear and Grow in Confidence

Written by Peter Wickstrom on June. 24th 2018
My boss had been trying to convince me to do door to door sales for over two months. I was terrified of the idea. As a telemarketing sales person I had become comfortable in my office not leaving the room. The idea of walking into a store trying to sell someone I had never met a defibrillator absolutely scared me. Then one day my boss said: Peter, I have booked two days of training with the our best sales coach Markus. He had the record on door to door sales in the northern countries of over 200 alarms in one month. He was a machine. He was supposed to train me for two days and then I was supposed to continue the work on my own for the next two weeks.

To my chock Markus drove us to the fanciest street in town, and took me to a cafe where we had out startup meeting for the day. I felt like I was going to the guillotine. Every cell in my body screamed what are you doing?! Get out of here as fast as you can! Outside a young woman walked by with her chihuahua, and a couple of men in luxurious suits. This was definitely not my part of town. I felt like an antelope on the savannah surrounded by lions. 

I managed to calm myself down and we headed out to visit shops and offices. Markus did most of the talking. He had the most radiant confidence and charisma. When he spoke people always listened, and people could sense his authority when he walked into a room. It was fascinating seeing someone so skilled in communication and handling people. But I knew that soon it was time for me to continue on my own and the thought haunted me.

After two days of training it was my turn. Markus was back in the office and I felt really lonely. The men in their fancy suits rushed me by, I felt like the main character or the movie Search for Happyness when he does door to door sales and the world is turning against him. My voice sounded insecure and the store owners looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was doing.

Today I am grateful for these experiences. I can walk into a business meeting with confidence. I can talk to authority and entrepreneurs and they listen to what I have to say. So even though I felt like a failure at the time, it gave me a great experience I can use today. Walking straight into a fearful situation and act with confidence is a priceless skill.

Even today I sometimes borrow the trust from Markus. I think of the way he walked, talked and how he encouraged me. Without the guidance of a mentor or coach I would have failed miserably and given up that day. My emotions and fears would have won over me. But thanks to a Markus who encouraged me I won over my fear, grew in my confidence and became a more free person in the process. 

Peter Wickstrom

Peter Wickstrom helps introverted entrepreneurs overcome their fears through a proven 6 week program. 
If you're interested in becoming confident so you can go out and get clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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