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Are You Too Shy to Talk to Strangers but Want to Work With Top Entrepreneurs?
Written by Peter Wickstrom on June 22th 2018
I remember it like yesterday. I was backstage of an event two meters away from a business legend I so much wanted to talk to. But I was to shy, afraid and didn’t even feel worthy of approaching him. He was standing in the door I needed to pass and I squeezed pass him without saying a word. Afterwards I beat myself up over and over again. Why do I always do this, I asked myself? Why am I such a shy introvert? I want to be outgoing and talk to people when I need to. Not become a closed oyster in situations like this. 

Now two years later I have finished a successful project with this person. I also have the number to one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Sweden (my home country) in my phone, a person whom I have also done a project together with. I have shaken hands with the most famous Hotel mogul in the nordic countries. After making a sales pitch on stage to 80 entrepreneurs and business people, Sweden’s most famous speaker came up to me afterwards and showed me her notes of my pitch, saying it inspired her to change the way she pitched her books. I don’t say this to show off or brag. I do it because I want to prove that if I can do it, so do you.

Today I have a habit to always talk to the most valuable contact in the room. I seek out mentors and ask them multiple times to meet with me until they say yes. And the best thing is, this is without any fear of rejection. They have become like a magnet I am automatically drawn to. By this time you probably think I lie, that it’s a face story. But you can simply go to my facebook page and look through my photos and search for my name on youtube and you can see the people I’ve worked with.

How I did it was by changing my self image. I started dreaming about being a person who had something valuable to say. Someone who others would like talking to, even entrepreneurs and experts. I dreamed of myself of being a person of value. And by repeatedly doing so I changed the image of who I took myself to be. I started to do new things that before would have been impossible and the best thing is that these new habits became effortless and automatic.

After one event with a famous coach with over 600 people in the audience I, found myself waiting until everyone had gone so I could approach the speaker and ask two specific questions I needed to solve for myself. He looked puzzled when I introduced myself but game me the advice, that later had a big impact on my life. I did not plan this meeting in advance but it happened spontaneously. My self image had changed and I had now become a person who did those things I never dared to do, who was outgoing, and courageous.

You can do this too! You can become an expert in networking, be outgoing and do the necessary things you need to do to reach your goals!

Peter Wickstrom

Peter Wickstrom helps introverted entrepreneurs overcome their fears through a proven 6 week program. 
If you're interested in becoming confident so you can go out and get clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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